This interactive workshop is for salespeople (internal and external), Key Account Managers (KAM’s), Marketers and Sales Managers who want to increase their influencing skills and results they achieve.

Attending this workshop will increase your ability to market yourself, your product and company.


The Psychology of Sales workshop is based on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is an art and a science. NLP involves neurology (how the mind works), linguistics (the use of language) and programming (the internal programmes that run between the mind and what we say). In essence it is a pragmatic school of thought based on success minded methodologies.

NLP deals with influence: how people relate and communicate to others, how they make decisions and how they prefer to be influenced, so it is particularly useful in selling.

Understanding how the mind works, assist us in selling to people. We are able to build instant rapport, speak the customer’s language and sell according to our customers’ buying strategy.


The mental model of the mind
Empowerment: Results vs. Reasons
Perception is Projection
Building verbal rapport: visual words, auditory words and kinaesthetic words
Maintaining para verbal rapport: physiology, gestures and voice tonality
The effect of language/words and how to use it optimally
How your physiology, state of mind (thoughts) and internal representations affect your result.
Speaking the customer’s language
Eliciting and utilizing the client’s buying and decision-making strategy

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