The workshop has been compiled specifically for both new and experienced staff who interacts with people via the telephone and e-mail.


The Effective Telephone and E-Mail etiquette programme covers all key aspects of proper conduct and practices when using the telephone and e-mail as communication mediums. It equips employees with the practical skills and know-how to operate both productively and efficiently.

In the E-mail module, delegates are taught to pay attention to their writing style, grammar and getting their message across effectively. They are taught that writing needs to be clear, concise and to the point. Employees are made aware that they are representing their organisations through their correspondence.

This workshop is also designed to encourage both new and experienced staff to interact, and to discuss the challenges of their position, solve problems and enhance their motivation and commitment to this critically important role.


  • To discuss “best practice” options and systems
  • To give employees practice in excellent telephone and e-mail techniques
  • To enhance both their skills and knowledge
  • To provide a forum for delegates to practice problem solving techniques
  • To help develop a positive attitude

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