The Sales Master workshop will give you the unfair advantage when it comes to delivering results and creating fans rather than clients. Sales is not about convincing anyone or using any tactics to persuade your prospect to buy something from you that is not in their best interest. Your role and your primary objective is to focus on helping to solve your prospect’s pain rather than pushing your product. To be able to do this with passion you need a very unique skill set.

Master Sales that deliver results! During this workshop you will learn:

  • The empowering belief systems of top sales performers.
  • How to elicit your customer’s buying strategies
  • How to align your client’s conscious and subconscious buying decisions.
  • Automatic confidence when calling on clients – even the challenging ones.
  • How to reframe objections into opportunities
  • The power of state management.
  • The ability to build instant rapport.
  • The ultimate persuasive language that speaks to your customer

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