Negotiation around Conflict Situations

Negotiation is the art of reaching consensus among people. Skilled negotiators are able “thread the needle” of competing interests, contested agendas, and opposing points of view, to arrive at a point of agreement that serves all parties. Before there is any agreement, between anyone, there is negotiation.In business, negotiation is a critical skill, especially when the going gets tough.

When negotiators get along well, creative problem solving is easy. When things are not going well, however, there is a real risk that they will forget everything they know about finding mutual gain and reaching consensus. It can get to the point where the negotiators give up tangible wins simply to inflict losses on the other party. This is especially true in high-profile negotiations that turn nasty. Negotiating amid conflict is significantly more challenging than in amicable scenarios, and the negotiator that can readily navigate conflict will fare better than the one that can’t.

Our Negotiation Around Conflict Situations course takes delegates through the process of negotiating, with particular emphasis on resolving conflict equitably, with grace and good judgment.