MS PowerPoint Intermediate – Advanced


This course is intended for a person who wishes to know more than just the basics of a presentation, or delegates who would like to be assessed for a computer qualification or delegates who wishes to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist certification.


On an intermediate level this course covers enhancements to slide shows, such as animation and using graphics. It illustrates using slides with different design templates in one presentation. Automation of slides shows enables you to run a slide show until it is stopped. Creating your own design templates and creating your own pictures are also covered. Linking Excel data for charts is also illustrated.

On an advanced level this course covers features such as using media clips, music and a microphone to record voice narrations. Linking between Word, Excel and other PowerPoint presentations are illustrated. The course covers custom slide shows (having one presentation that can be shown to different groups of people, using different slides. The course also focuses on designing your own templates and macros (for automation) are also introduced.