Our Methodology is based on the principles of a Learning Organisation:
The Learning Organisation facilitates learning and development for change in Africa by continuously transforming others through enhancing skills and knowledge.

Shared Vision
At TLO we share a vision of sustainable upliftment and empowerment for ALL by growing people, building talent and creating leaders. Our shared vision gives us energy, focus, drive and commitment.

Systems thinking
At TLO we examine the linkages and interactions between our various service offerings that make up the entirety of the system. We observe the functions and interactions amongst our facilitators, learners, administrators, clients, digital content and learning goals.

Personal Mastery
At TLO we value the journey towards continuous improvement and viewing life from a different angle. We are guided by principles of purpose, vision, belief, commitment, integrity, creative and innovative thinking, customer-centricity and self-knowledge.

Team Mastery
At TLO we build systems, processes, relationships and infrastructure that enables our team, individually and collectively, to achieve high levels of sustainable performance.

Mental models
TLO’s methodology is based on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP). Neuro refers to neurology (how the mind works), Linguistics (the use of language) and Programming (the internal programmes that run between the mind and what we say and how we behave).

People experience the world through their 5 senses and internal dialogue, our thoughts. We interpret and give meaning to these external experiences based on what is inside our minds for e.g. what we value, our beliefs, our attitudes, our past experiences etc. Combined, these filters are externally displayed by our behaviours (actions) and our results (performance). So in fact, if we are not happy with the results we achieve in our lives, personally and professionally, we need to DO something differently and these mental models, or maps of our world, are explored throughout our course offerings.