Sales Executives, Sales Managers and or any person that has employees report to him / her or anyone who wishes to get a good feel and thorough understanding of the new sales environment will benefit.


It is not what happens to you that determine your success in life but what you do with what happens – the meaning you attach to a client’s response. In a sales environment, you may not always be able to control events or circumstances but you are in control of how you deal with every client interaction and it is your responsibility to be flexible in your approach. There is no one size fits all in Sales.

“Knowing thyself” is the key to not only increasing your own personal power but increasing your ability to communicate and influence others. Recognising your emotions for what they are and where they come from, assists you in evaluating every interaction for what it really is. Developing your EQ is a lifelong journey – for some easier than others but never the less. Your success in life depends on your ability to listen, read others, control your anger and heal yourself, amongst others.


Selling in the 21st Century
Behaviour Styles an Strategies
Developing Emotional Intelligence
Sales Negotiations and Closing the deal
Setting Goals and Meeting Targets
Utilising Social Media (optional)

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