The quality of an organisation is often determined by the quality of its leadership. This applies at all levels, from the top to the bottom of the business hierarchy. All managers lead, but not all leaders are managers.

The value of effective leadership cannot be understated. Good leadership will take a team from adequate to exceptional. Good leadership will take a business from break-even to booming.

Good leadership is difficult. Balancing interests, objectives, capacities and responsibilities while building trust and respect amongst team members is a challenge that every leader must overcome, and not every leader does. However, good leadership can be cultivated through the application of sound principles. The principles of good leadership are at the heart of this course. The title gave it away, didn’t it?

Our Leadership Principles course focuses on the foundational aspects of what it means to be a leader. We explore various leadership styles, examine the roles and responsibilities of effective leaders, interrogate beliefs about leadership and investigate the behaviours that make good leaders so good at leading.

Upon completion, delegates will understand sound leadership principles, will possess insight into their own leaderships styles and will have begun developing a framework for leading others in many different situations.