A+ Hardware (CompTIA Certification)(5 Days)July
A+ Software (CompTIA Certification)(5 Days)July
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Biz Introduction (4iR/CertNexus)(1 Day)July24
Cyber Secure Coder (Exam ITP-110)(4iR/CertNexus)(3 Days)July
CyberSAFE (4iR/CertNexus)(1 Day)July28
Dashboard development in Excel (Data Analytics)(2 Days)July13 - 14
Digital Literacy (Free) 1 DayJuly3, 17
HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Web Development)(5 Days)July6 - 8, 16 - 17
Internet of Things (IoT) Practitioner (4iR/CertNexus)(2 Days)July1 - 2
Internet of Things (IoT) Security Practitioner (4iR/CertNexus)(2 Days)July
IoT Biz (4iR/CertNexus)(1 Day)July30
ITIL (3 Days)July6 - 8
MS Excel Advanced (Database)(1 Day)July9
MS Excel Fundamentals (Database)(1 Day)July6
MS Excel Intermediate incl. Pivots & Macros (Database)(2 Days)July7 - 8
MS Excel Tableau (Data Analytics)(3 Days)July6 - 8
MS Excel VBA (Database)(2 Days)July
MS Power BI (Data Aanalytics)(3 Days)July20 - 22
N+ Networking (CompTIA Certification)(5 Days)July6 - 8, 16 - 17
Security + (CompTIA Certification)(5 Days)July
SQL (Database)(3 Days)July