The employment and training landscape, including delivery, scope and funding models have changed and demand companies to be more flexible, innovative and creative.

In order to create a win-win situation between employers, learners and training providers, such as The Learning Organisation (TLO), a Level 2 100 % women owned company, the time is now to offer opportunities for our unemployed Youth in SA to gain a qualification (through a learnership), whilst undergoing work experience.


What is a Learnership?

A Learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. Learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work and managed by Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). The main components of a Learnership is that it consists of 70 % work experience and 30 % theory.


Who is a Lead Employer?

A Lead Employer is a client who sponsors learners on a Learnership for a period of 12 months.  Other than paying for the cost of a qualification, the Lead Employer is also responsible for paying learner stipends for the duration of the Learnership.  This makes up the 30 % of the requirement of a Learnership.

As it’s a requirement of a Learnership to provide workplace experience (70 %), the challenge many employers face is that they do not necessarily have adequate space in their environment to accommodate additional resources. They then turn to TLO to assist with finding a suitable Host Employer.


Who qualifies as a Host Employer?

A Host Employer is often a SMME (although larger organisations may be suitable) who has a business requirement for and extra pair of hands, however do not have the necessary budget to employ a resource.

This is where TLO steps in with finding a match between a Lead Employer and Host Employer at absolutely NO COST TO HOST EMPLOYER, other than providing learners with the necessary desk space and or office equipment to fulfill their day to day tasks.  In essence, the Host Employer provides on-the-job training and experience to learners who are enrolled on a Learnership and therefor fulfills the 70 % work component required of a Learnership.

It is up to the Host company’s discretion to supplement learner stipends however it is not a requirement.


Host Employer requirements:

It is the requirement of the Host employer to:

Learner requirements:

  • Work for the Employer (Lead or Host) as part of the learning process
  • Be available for and participate in all learning and work experience required of the Learnership
  • Comply with workplace policies and procedures
  • Complete any time sheets or any assessment tools supplied by the Employer to record relevant workplace experience, and
  • Attend all study periods, theory and practical learning sessions at The Learning Organisation and undertake all learning conscientiously


It is a requirement of The Learning Organisation to:

  • To ensure it is a legal entity fully compliant with SA Revenue Services requirements and accredited with the relevant SETA to offer the Learnership that it is administering.
  • Provide Education and learning in terms of the Learnership
  • Provide learner support as required by the Learnership
  • Record, monitor and retain details of training provided to the learner in terms of the Learnership.
  • Conduct off-the-job assessment in terms of the Learnership or cause it to be conducted
  • Provide Reports to the Employer re the learners performance.
  • Assessments must be fair, transparent, valid and reliable and should ensure that no learner is disadvantaged.


Interested in Becoming a Host Employer?

  • Provide us with a job spec, requirement and area of employment
  • TLO will short list suitable learners and supply you with CV’s for consideration
  • TLO will arrange interviews based on your time frame
  • TLO, Host Employer and Learner signs a SLA outlining the roles and responsibilities of each