Mastering Influencing Skills – Virtual – Blended – Online

Influence is a core aspect of every human interaction, from in-person meetings to long-distance correspondence, and everything in between. Whenever humans communicate, each is influencing, and being influenced by the other. The degree to which a person can exert influence in a given interaction is dependent on that person’s capacity to apply the techniques of influence.

Mastering Influencing Skills is a course built around understanding the nature and mechanisms of influence: how people relate to, and communicate with, one another, how we make decisions, and how our interactions can alter our perspectives and affect our decisions. This understanding of influence is then applied to the business environment through an understanding of persuasive communication.

This course empowers people to be far more aware of what they do by applying techniques developed from an understanding of the profound connections between thought, communication, and behaviour.

Join us for a 2 day session on Mastering Influencing Skills This can be done Online, Blended, VILT or Classroom.

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Oct 01 - 02 2020


8:00 am - 4:00 pm


TLO Online / Classroom
The Learning Organisation, Paulshoff