The workshop will benefit any businessperson, including customer service representatives and contact centre staff who want to enhance their every customer’s experience. Corporate workers will improve their success rate when dealing with customers in a clear and articulate manner


Customer Service Skills, creating raving fans, is about Customer Relationship Management, whether you interact with customers face to face, telephonically or via email. During every interaction, our customers re-evaluate our company and form an idea about us. How we communicate with our customers has a direct effect on the bottom line of our business. This course aims to teach delegates effective communication skills to deal with even the most challenging situations.


  • Understanding the importance of Customer Service
  • Building long lasting mutually beneficial Relationships
  • Creating a lasting first Impression
  • Creating effective ways of enhancing Professional and Personal Image
  • Improving listening, questioning and feedback skills
  • Accurately identifying the customer needs
  • Communicating effectively when dealing with the four personality styles
  • Enhancing the Quality of Customer Service
  • Creating a customer-centric culture

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