The course is suitable for support, administrative and executive staff who want to prevent build-ups of conflict, resolve existing problems or polish interpersonal, team and EQ competencies. It is also highly suitable for teams who wish to explore and resolve conflicts and build synergy and effectiveness.


The Conflict Management programme is designed to equip business teams and individuals, with a range of skills and strategies which will help them to manage and resolve the inevitable conflicts which are part of any business process.


Create a situation in which delegates can analyse and understand the nature of conflicts, the patterns and issues on which they are built and the fact that, though conflict is inevitable in all areas of life, it can be managed or resolved through applying learned skills

To give delegates an inductive and personal tour of the skills and strategies which can be helpful in conflict situations, so that they develop both the confidence and a range of practical plans to tackle it effectively

Provide delegates with time and guidance within which to practice such strategies and to test and consolidate theoretical concepts by applying them to real personal and organisational conflict challenges.

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