This in-depth 2-day course is for leaders, change agents, educators, current mentors or coaches, and managers, who are interested in expanding their understanding, competence and skills as a coach and mentor in order to develop and support their colleagues in the workplace.

The workshop explores the definition and core skills of both coach and mentor, and draws richly from the experience and expertise participants bring to the session.


When an individual is hired to do a job, particularly if it’s a well paid and/or senior position, he or she is expected to hit the ground running and handle the workload with ease. What is often left out – wherever the individual is on the career ladder – is that he/she will need some form of guidance and support along the way. Some companies recognise this, and part of their employee care is to have a coaching and/or mentoring programme in place.

Coaching and mentoring are recognised today as key elements of workforce development, assisting individuals to achieve their full potential. Coaching & mentoring skills are considered integral to the role of leaders and managers.

Coaching and mentoring share many similarities and many common skills, but it is generally accepted that mentoring tends to be job-centred; focusing on workplace competence, while coaching is person-focused and supports individual growth and career development. Both should inspire, educate, empower and support people in their ongoing development within a professional or organisational context.

This workshop will help develop practical coaching and mentoring skills, which will benefit the organisation, support succession-planning, and will certainly advance participants’ own careers.


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