A learnership is a vocational education and training programme that combines structured learning with work experience in order to obtain a registered qualification.

Each qualification consists of a minimum amount of credits and learner results are registered on the  (NQF).

Learnerships are the recommended frame within which to explore the new opportunities. They directly address the “how” of the Skills Development Strategy.

Learnerships and Qualifications


Learnerhips/Full QualificationsSAQA AccreditedNQF LevelCreditsDuration
Business Admin Services (FETC)yes414012 months
Business Admin Services (NC)yes312012 months
Business Practice (GETC)yes112112 months
Contact Centre Operations (FETC)yes413212 months
Contact Centre Support (NC)yes212812 months
Generic Management (FETC)yes415012 months
General Management (NC)yes516212 months
IT End-user computing (NC)yes313612 months
IT Systems Development (FETC)yes416512 months
IT Technical Support (FETC)yes416312 months
Marketing (FETC)yes414112 months
New Venture Creation (NC)yes213812 months
New Venture Creation (FETC)yes414912 months
Project Management (FETC)yes413712 months