Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here and its playing a huge role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Understanding and implementing AI in any company will promise next-level results in all aspects of business.

This course is designed to provide a good foundation for understanding the role of AI within companies.

Managers, business leaders and decision makers who want to grow their businesses by implementing an AI solution, will benefit hugely from this course. It is also recommended to any employee in any industry, since, in a few years, AI will truly be everywhere (even more so than it is today).

The following learning outcomes will be discussed in this course:

  • AI Fundamentals and concepts
  • Approaches to Machine learning and Deep learning
  • AI implementation i.e. data science, search engines, robotics etc.
  • The impact and benefits of AI
  • Challenges of AI
  • Business use cases for AI
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