This programme is intended for junior managers of business units in an organisation. The role includes team leaders, supervisors, first line managers and section heads: any position where the incumbent has others reporting to him/her. The programme provides an understanding of basic management activities, which the learner is encouraged to relate to his/her own tasks. In addition, this programme teaches the skills required to motivate and manage a team, to obtain buy-in for work scheduled, and to monitor the team’s achievements against goals and objectives.


This highly practical programme covers key aspects of management: planning, leading, organising and controlling. It offers a forum where relatively new managers, or aspiring managers can take part in a growth group and explore the skills and techniques they need in order to become effective managers.


  • Describe the management activities involved in running a business, and apply them to real work-related situations
  • Understand and practice some of the basic activities involved in the management process
  • Identify and explain some of the tasks required of managers;
  • Apply the decision-making process to make a management decision
  • Explain the role of a team leader in an organisation
  • Explain the purpose of a specific team or group
  • Contract with team members to obtain buy-in
  • Monitor the achievement of group objectives or goals