TLO,  a B-BBEE Level 2, QSE, Empowering Supplier, facilitates training and development for change in South Africa by offering learnerships, business, personal and computer skills. We continuously transform others through enhancing skills and knowledge.

The Learning Organisation is a quality driven, customer-centric knowledge centre dedicated to Growing People, Building Talent and Creating Leaders.

Growing People

TLO believes in growing people from where they are, to where they want to be. We believe in growing people outside of their habits and comfort zone. We offer qualifications, skills programmes, computer skills, customised development programmes and coaching for all levels of staff, including Executive Coaching and Management Development programmes.

We also grow organisations from where they are to where they want to be. Our service includes Skills Development initiatives in line with the overall organisational strategy, the B-BBEE strategy and sector-specific requirements. This includes training aligned with Workplace Skills Plans or even Enterprise & Supplier Development plans.

Growing People increases employability for the individual, a more competent workforce and by extension creates a better future for all.

Building Talent

As a growing business, we understand the challenges around hiring the right talent, migrating our hired talent to loyal staff members, and developing them further through succession planning. In today’s fast-paced environment, dynamic and growing organisations continuously up-skill, cross-skill and re-invent themselves to stay ahead of the pack.

Building Talent is essential as it creates employment opportunity for others. TLO’s products and value offerings are unique, customizable and able to be scaled upwards and downwards. Our passion and ‘can-do’ attitude seeks to understand our clients’ needs and outcomes first, before recommending the most appropriate solution.

Creating Leaders

Central to the value we create is the creation of strong Leaders. Principle-centered Leaders. Leadership is more than a title; it is rather a set of values, beliefs and behaviours that give direction to one’s leadership style, aligned with the organisation’s values.

TLO assists organisations in creating leaders with a strong sense of self, high emotional intelligence, integrity, solid values and empowering beliefs. Leaders with knowledge, wisdom and insight who are able to lead and inspire others and so continue the empowering cycle of growing people, building talent and creating more leaders!